Dear Valued PBS Endo Customer,

We are excited to announce that PBS Endo has been acquired by Henry Schein One. Our main goal for the last 35 years has always been to provide the best software and service for Endodontists. This partnership is part of our long term plan to continue that goal for PBS Endo customers.

What are the advantages of this partnership for your practice ?

  • PBS Endo now has the backing of Schein’s excellent resources to ensure that we’re providing even more functionality and services in your PBS Endo software.

  • Synergies aimed at high quality software maximize technology.

  • New features will continue to be added to the Enterprise version of PBS Endo.

  • We’ll be able to provide an even broader range of services to PBS Endo customers.

  • We’ll continue to provide software that is easy to use, fast, secure, and stable.

  • Will support for your PBS Endo software change ? Your practice will continue to be supported by the same PBS Endo Support team that you have always known and trusted.

  • Priority Support customers will still have access to 800-535-0198 and [email protected].

  • Customers who have chosen not to subscribe to Priority Support still have access to the support team through [email protected].

  • PBS Endo Essentials customers are still able to move to the Enterprise version of PBS Endo which converts your data to Enterprise.

  • PBS Endo Enterprise will continue to take your practice into the future.

We are extremely excited about this partnership with Henry Schein as PBS Endo supports the needs of your
practice into the future.

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