Responsive Expert Support

Unparalleled Priority Support Services

Our commitment goes beyond just giving a quick answer to get you off the phone.

For you, we know that support is as important as the software.

We are there to explain advanced features of the software, to teach effective practice management, and to help troubleshoot complex computer hardware problems.

We provide a thorough solution to resolve the issue at hand. Your priorities will always be ours.

We support both platforms for Enterprise and Essentials versions.


Upgrades are included with the Priority Support Subscription. Office that choose not subscribe to Priority Support can purchase an upgrade.


Learning how to use PBS Endo is easy. PBS Endo makes sense and is intuitive.

You have Videos, Online Help, Experts on the 800#, and Documentation readily available. We help you build on your knowledge, providing effective information to help you with general questions, issues about technology, and practice management.

New Practices

You have access to support professionals with 60 years combined experience in endodontic practice management.

Will support for your PBS Endo software change ?

  • Your practice will continue to be supported by the same PBS Endo Support team that you have always known and trusted.
  • Priority Support customers will still have access to 800-535-0198 and [email protected].
  • Customers who have chosen not to subscribe to Priority Support still have access to the support team through [email protected].
  • PBS Endo Essentials customers are still able to move to the Enterprise version of PBS Endo which converts your data to Enterprise.
  • PBS Endo Enterprise will continue to take your practice into the future.

If you need our help, please Download TeamViewer.

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