Everyone knows, PBS Endo has an exceptional look and feel. With PBS Endo,
You can also expect excellence in the areas you don’t see.

Great endodontic software is more than a bunch of windows. Great endodontic software is built on two things:

Years of knowledge about practice management

We understand the requirements of front desk, chairside, and endodontist. This means we understand the various ways to run a practice. That flexibility is built into PBS Endo.

Complete knowledge about how software works at every level

Software design is more than a couple of screens and some database. Really good software requires expert knowledge about Database Design, Optimization, Modern Multi-Tier Software Architecture, Operating systems, Networks and Communications, Development Tools and Security. For example, PBS Endo uses encryption and compression throughout. In addition, the Web framework in PBS Endo is our own to ensure that data flow is extremely secure; open-source web technologies are not used due to their publicly known code which often includes security vulnerabilities.

Why this matters to you …

The superior internal design means that the PBS Endo software gives you

  • A user interface that provides all the sophisticated features you want, customized for flexibility in your practice, without the requirement for costly formal training.
  • Stability and direct connectivity for fast, secure data.
  • An architecture that carries you into the future.

At PBS Endo, we focus on million little details to ensure that you have software that is intuitive and innovative.

Know it. Trust it.

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