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Innovative Endodontic Software

PBS Endo Enterprise is full-featured software to rely on for your business, marketing, and clinical needs.

PBS Endo Enterprise has practice management expertise and business knowledge built into the software. This means PBS Endo is easy to use, and anticipates your needs. You run your practice the way you want to, and implement technology as it fits your referrals, patients, and staff.

PBS Endo Enterprise gives you practice management software that is built using the best development tools by the most experienced software engineers.

PBS Endo Enterprise takes advantage of the latest technology for today and tomorrow. Why is this important to you? It’s all about stability and speed. Software that is written for the computers and networks of today and tomorrow will be far more accessible and reliable, growing with you as your needs change.

What makes PBS Endo



Your practice is a business – so price matters. With the PBS Endo software, there are no hidden costs. For example, there is no extra fee as you add endodontists to the practice.

Keep quality, functionality, and ease of use. PBS Endo continues to be in line with better business practices of low debt, low up-front costs, and low maintenance fees.


Enterprise - Superior Design

Multi-location: PBS Endo software gives you true multi-location software, using one database supporting multiple locations. Track each referrals and profitability by Location. Choose views of Separate or combine schedules.

Paperless: For paperless features, PBS Endo includes options so that you can choose the level of technology that makes the most sense for your practice. Examples include: Digitally capture patient information and signatures if preferred over paper. Provide comprehensive custom case reports to referrals quickly and easily.



PBS Endo is more than just software innovation. PBS Endo brings honesty, integrity, and transparency to you. We always tell you the truth about how an endodontic practice succeeds, how technology can be used to help that success, and we support both platforms for Enterprise and Essentials versions.

We are honored to invest in endodontic research and education through the AAE Foundation, with an ongoing pledge up to $175,000 as part of the endodontic community since 1986.


Simply put, our customers tell us they value the knowledgeable people behind the software. With over 60 years combined knowledge about endodontic practices and technology, you’re going to get real answers. You’ll have access to highly trained people committed to helping you get the most out of PBS Endo.

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