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Why is PBS Endo the leading software used by endodontists since 1986?

PBS Endo is full-featured, comprehensive, and intuitive.

PBS Endo is organized in an intuitive and intelligent way. Across small and large practices, the design provides flexible work flows and practice management options to fit your needs. Our customers recognize the practice management expertise and fundamental business work flows that are built into the structure of the software. This means you run the practice the way you want to, and implement technology as it fits your referrals, patients, and staff.

PBS Endo is known for unparalleled support.

Simply put, our customers tell us they value the knowledgeable people behind the software. With over 60 years combined knowledge about endodontic practices and technology, you're going to get real answers. You'll talk to highly trained people committed to helping you get the most out of PBS Endo.

PBS Endo is known for sensible prices.

Price matters. The upfront and maintenance costs of PBS Endo have always been very reasonable. PBS Endo can be a significant component to help your practice stay on top of trends and ahead of the curve, without costing an outrageous amount up front and over time.

Investments in Research and Education for Endodontics

We are honored to invest in endodontic research and education through the AAE Foundation.

PBS Endo has pledged $175,000. Continuing to invest in endodontics, now and in the future.

Invest in the future of endodontics through the AAE Foundation

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