Accounting - Reports

The Reports available in PBS Endo range from Day Sheets and Call Lists, to Working Reports (Aging, and Recall, etc) and Analysis Reports (Referral Analysis, Production and Collection, etc).

Where appropriate, most reports can be generated using ANY date range. This powerful feature allows you to create a Referral report, for example, for yesterday, last week, last month, last year, or any time frame you care to specify. Each time you select a particular report, you will be presented with a Report Specification Dialog window.

Nearly all of the reports produced allow you to specify a beginning and ending date range. This capability lets you analyze where your practice has been, where it is, and where it is going!


Most reports allow you to separate information by endodontist.

PBS Endo provides comprehensive aging reports.The Patient Account and Assigned Claims reports provide the detail on all accounts and claims which have not been paid. Payment Plans are aged by only the current amount due - not by the total amount being financed.

How will you know whether your productivity has increased? And by how much? Each of the practice management reports is specifically designed to provide insight into how much you're producing and collecting; who sends patients to your practice; and how much revenue is being generated. You can analyze each endodontist's production and collection. All of this information is reported automatically, and in a clear format.

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