Accounting - The Ledger

The Account Ledger window provides the account balance, estimated insurance, and supportive ledger details for a complete audit trail.

PBS Endo Account Ledger Details

  • Balances show how much is expected from Insurance and how much the patient owes
  • Unlimited Collection Notes which print on aging reports, patient profile, and the overview window
  • Display Insurance Estimates and outstanding claims
  • Finance Charges Individualized
  • Automatically prompt to file secondary when primary has paid
  • Details of each charge and payment tracks standard information, plus the Day Sheet, the statement, and the endodontist of record
  • Effective date of charge/payment can be different from the posting date
  • Discounts differentiated from Write off for practice management
  • Print Ledger for any date range, and Reprint a Receipt
  • Review any statement
  • Double-entry transactions prevent embezzlement
  • Visual Financial reminder pops up for a patient
  • Color Coded Transactions