Appointment Scheduler

Customize everything.

Set it up your way!

Add and Edit Appointments with very few clicks. Lots of power features are automatically built in such as visual reminders for PreMed, Latex Allergy, and Medical Alert.

 Scheduler Details

Letters & E-mail

In PBS Endo, you can produce letters to referrals and patients quickly and easily.

Include unlimited Images.

Include tailored information from the Chart and Health History.

Letters Example

Patient Information

PBS Endo lets you choose any patient any time.

PBS Endo needs to know two things:

Who is the patient, and what do you want to do.


Case Tracking & Recall

PBS Endo tracks and reports on up to 10 cases for each patient automatically.

Case Tracking includes the Tooth #, Diagnosed date, Begun date, Completed date, Final Letter date, and Follow Up date.

Why is this feature so important?  At a glance, this window summarizes the cases and the outcomes for a patient.  You can provide this information to a referral, or simpy analyze this information in a report by referral to summarize the kinds of cases sent to you by a referral.  Of course, a variety of Referral Analysis reports allow you to review revenue and collections by referral with summary or detail information. All reports are available for any date range and for each endodontist in the practice.

Case Tracking & Recall Examples


Accounting is key to practice profitability.

In this section, services are posted, claims are filed electronically or on paper, payments are posted, balances are tracked, statements are sent, and several reports are available.

Accounting - The Ledger,     Accounting - Reports