Who is PBS Endo?

The PBS Endo software began in 1986, at ProBusiness Systems, Inc.  Since that time, we have grown a customer base of over 1300 practices, continuing a reputation for quality and support. PBS Endo has earned the trust of endodontists, making it the leading Endodontic Practice Management and Clinical Software. No other endodontic software has helped more endodontists realize their practice objectives. We maintain an ongoing commitment to excellent software, service and support with years of endodontic and computer experience.

Why Should You Choose PBS Endo for Your Practice?

  • PBS Endo has 25 years of Endodontic leadership, knowledge and expertise in practice management and clinical software.
  • PBS Endo does Not require formal training; you can't get any easier to use than that!
  • PBS Endo is supported by people who have endodontic practice experience.
  • PBS Endo combines intuitive integration of features unique to the endodontic practice, the front desk and operatory.
  • PBS Endo includes extensive referral tracking, case tracking, image integration, and the leading EndoChart - appling a practical use of technology to your practice.
  • PBS Endo can help you implement a practical use of technology that makes the most sense for your practice.

Customer Support

When you call PBS Endo support, you'll talk to a real person. Our customer support staff has years of both office management experience and computer expertise. You'll talk to highly trained people committed to helping you get the most out of PBS Endo.

Software Development

Don't let the ease of use fool you.  PBS Endo is not a "basic" system! It includes capabilities found in programs that cost thousands more. Our software development group keeps it state-of-the-art and responsive to customer requests.

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Your Flexible Use of Technology

Paperless Options - of course! The key is options.


With PBS Endo, you can incorporate as much or as little technology as you choose.  Your colleagues understand that as technology changes, they can count on PBS Endo to remain state-of-the-art throughout the life of their practice.   

Core Point

Unparalleled Support

Unparalleled support is what sets PBS Endo apart - and why over 1,300 endodontic practices partner with us for their practice needs. 


Connect with a support representative when you call.   PBS Endo provides real-time access to support professionals for practical, personalized workflow and practice management optimization.

Research & Education


Invest in Research and Education for Endodontics    PBS Endo®.   

We are honored to invest in endodontic research and education through the AAE Foundation. PBS Endo has contributed $150,000.

Continuing to invest in endodontics, now and in the future.

Invest in the future of endodontics through the AAE Foundation



Vision for the Future:  As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.   -   Bill Gates

Technology: “Many people see technology as the problem behind the so-called digital divide. Others see it as the solution. Technology is neither. It must operate in conjunction with business, economic, political and social systems.”  - Carly Fiorina